A FoosBall Table Made From Lego?

Lego is entertainment for the entire family to enjoy and there is not a single person on the planet who can say that Lego isn’t fun. The best thing about Lego is the fact that you can make something with the instructions you’ve got or you can make something completely out of your head. There are no rules with Lego and that is what makes them so popular. To demonstrate you how easy it is to make something completely out of your head and it can look amazing. As I am a huge foosball fan, I decided to make a post about foosball table made from Lego bricks.

A pocket foosball table

Like everything else made by Lego, this foosball table is a pocket version of a real foosball table you can find in the bars and game rooms all over the world. This amazing table is made completely from Lego bricks, from the legs to the entire cabinet. The table has 4 rods on each side, just like the real table and, to make it even more interesting, the table is 100% playable. Yes, the rods can spin and you can control the rods with the handles made of, you guess….Lego. The playing surface of the table is smooth and that is pretty impressive for a Lego table because Lego bricks aren’t smooth. The surface is made of special bricks you can find in the Lego stores, usually used when people want to decorate one surface. The smooth surface made the table fit for a match because, without it, it would be hard to make the ball move.

Foosball players

Another thing which makes this table so interesting is the fact that the players are characters from one of the most famous movies from the past and today. Yes, I am talking about Star Wars and the playing surface is filled with Stormtroopers and Rebel Soldiers. Besides Stormtroopers, you will recognize Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke, C3PO and other Rebel Soldiers on the field.

They are all arranged in the 1-man goalie figuration, which is a figuration used on a real foosball table. There is another figuration called the 3-man goalie figuration and the main difference between both figurations is on the rod closest to the goal. The 1-man goalie figuration has 1 player – goalie on the rod next to the goal and the 3-man goalie has the extra two players on each side of the goalie.

When you look at this table you can see it is made with care and details so it is really an impressive piece of Lego projects. If you want to do something with Lego bricks, I suggest you try to make a foosball table.


Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/-2×4-/albums/72157623327992561

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