Lego Batman: His First Successful Romance

Through the years our caped crusader has never had problems finding a romantic interest, but with all the emotional baggage that Bruce Wayne has, he has not been able to make a love connection stick. In the past, Batman has been involved with hero’s, villains, and people with no powers at all. He has been cast under spells of ladies like Poison Ivy and Bekka. He has played Romeo with reporters like Vicki Vale and Vesper Fairchild. He went into partnerships with wealthy women like Linda Page and Cat Woman. The list of Batman’s love interests is lengthy, but one thing remains a common thread in every relationship since the beginning. Batman has ended up alone!

lego batman and lego superman

That is until 2006 when Batman entered into his first Bromance (not including the Joker). Batman met Lego, and this bromance has been building steam and longevity ever since. This couple has everything needed to create a long-standing Hollywood romance. They have built a solid foundation together and keep bringing their perfect pairing into the hands of fans everywhere. So how did this unlikely couple start off and how do we know that it will stand the tests of time? Let’s take a look into the depths of one of the most successful relationships since Ken and Barbie.

The Beginnings of the Lego and Batman Relationship

Lego first seriously looked at the potential of the Caped Crusader in 2005 when they first started deliberating with DC Comics. The relationship went public in 2006 under the DC Comics license and was immediately embraced by the public.

lego batmobile dragster

Vehicles, characters, and scenes from the Batman movie franchise started rolling out, and society started building Batman Lego sets, with Lego Batman minifigures. You could find sets with almost every known Batman villain. From one of the first known as The Batman Dragster; Catwoman in pursuit, Batman, wore his Lego brand proudly on each stud and showcased his new union with Lego.

The Initial release was so successful that in 2012 Lego relaunched Batman in the DC Universe Superheros Line. The series brought back the beginnings of the Lego Batman love affair with great sets like the iconic Batcave and the Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase, to the Chevy Lego Batmobile. With the rereleases of classic moments in Batman's life, six years after the first sets hit the shelves; We knew that the Bromance was alive and well.

Bit by Bit

Next came the first Batman Lego Video game released in 2008. This took the relationship to the next level. The popularity was undeniable with over 12.81 million copies sold. Their relationship had turned into a full-blown romance, and the critics rated this new development and the best-selling superhero video game of all time. With the admiration of millions, Lego Batman released Lego Batman 2 in 2012 and Lego Batman 3 in 2014. This playful twosome was bringing their love story to consoles everywhere. Available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems, every gamer and Lego lover could relish in the success of this budding relationship.

Small Screen – Full Sized Adoration

Batman and Lego solidified their budding relationship with their video game collaboration and took that momentum to create small screen wonders. The birth of Lego Batman was seen by millions in the DC Super Heros Unite and Batman Be-leaguered Short Films. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood would see that this couple was here to stay. The small screen made way for Batman and Lego to have their Silver screen debut!

The Red Carpet Reveal

The success of the Batman and Lego connection brought cameo appearances in The Lego Movie, and many people thought that Batman stole the show. Lego Batman was on fire, and due to the acceptance and reputation, this duo was given its own spin-off. The unveiling of the Lego Batman movie solidified the pending marriage of these two pop culture icons, and the sky is the limit on the success story of the two.

The New Lego Batman embraces the tormented past of this superhero and brings to the screen interpretations of every Batman movie to the Lego brick character. There are references made to each film that predates Lego Batman and gives the viewer the ability to link with whichever Batman is their favorite. Batman has morphed into the best Cape Crusader to date. Enveloping every aspect of his prior personalities Lego has embraced Batman and all of his moodiness. The Symbol of Hope for humanity is at ease with his Lego partner, and the Billionaire Playboy has finally found his match.

lego batman strut

Battling every Villian in the comic world and adding in the Wicked Witch, The Eye of Sauron, King Kong, Godzilla and Voldemort (just to name a few), This power couple prove that they can overcome any bad guy. They can overcome any odds and any wardrobe malfunction as well! (thanks to the best revolving closet ever!)

These two have so much in common that it is hard to find any flaws in the relationship. Both are billionaires, both are pop culture icons, and both have brought joy and salvation to so many people. The relationships of Batman's past will look upon this long lasting relationship and crave the attention of such adoration. Batman no longer has to suffer in silence. Batman no longer has to be alone. Batman will always be damaged and sometimes even delusional, but with a cohort as powerful and timeless as Lego by his side, He will never have to give in to the temptation of star-crossed love again.

This is a dynamic duo that will make Robin jealous but will have the acceptance of Batman's sidekick nonetheless. Batman has finally found his match, and the public supports this bromance wholeheartedly. We can not wait for the next public installment of Lego Batman. However, in the meantime, enjoy an evening out in theaters and watch the new Lego Batman movie filled with some of the coolest Batcave accessories to date. Speaking of date, would this power couple's name be Legman or Batgo?

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