The Best Lego Architecture Sets Available in 2022

Lego. Every kid has played with it, stepped on it, and- lets be honest, here- swallowed a piece or two in their lifetime.

best lego architecture sets

As the only girl surrounded by three brothers, it was pretty much a given that I would grow up to be as enthusiastic as they were about playing with Lego.

This was such a wildly accepted fact that my new husband bought me a Lego set as my wedding gift. He may have been kicking himself a little in retrospect, however, when I spent the large majority of our honeymoon sitting cross-legged on the floor playing with it. It just goes to show that Lego appeals to all ages.

Which is why I was super excited to discover Lego Architecture, which offers a more grown up, refined way of playing with little tiny blocks. Here is my list of the top five Lego Architecture sets on the market, and why.


Lego Architecture Venice: *Beautiful when completed

*Intricate design

*Reasonable price

*Makes you pine for Italy

This one will blow you away! The amount of detail crammed into that 9” by 1” is unbelievable! You can almost picture yourself being there: tiny little you.

I’m just sad the set doesn’t include a tiny little boat with a tiny little Italian man. Bridge of *sighs* indeed. This is a great Lego set less than $50.

Lego Architecture Berlin: *Staggering detail

*Moving history

*Included brochure comes in English and German

*Lots of tiny pieces are easily dropped/lost

The attraction to this one for me was the history involved, and how impressive the details are in reflecting that. Don’t believe me? It comes with graffiti walls! Lego Berlin also looks pretty fancy on the shelf, too.

Your guests will be impressed by how cultured you are. This one takes patience and finesse to complete: it has a lot of tiny little pieces. Definitely worth the effort, though!

Lego Architecture White House: *Fantastic likeness

*Great for school projects and conversation starters

*Does not have Lego President

*A bit pricey

I like this one because the details are so intricate. Any kid that’s smart enough to bring this in as a school project deserves an A+. The included booklet is packed with information about the buildings construction and history, and is bound to get more applause then Timmy’s goopy volcano.

A fun tip for grown-ups: Keep the White House on your desk and stuff complaints into the tiny little foyer. It will make you feel powerful. Or, for those with my maturity level, you can re-enact Independence Day.

Lego Architecture Big Ben: *Iconic building

*Takes up very little space when completed

*Has informative brochure on construction and architecture

*Does not keep actual time

This one appeals to me because it’s likely to be the closest I’ll ever get to England, plus when someone says, hey, it’s Big Ben, I can chime in with, “actually, this is a cleverly constructed imitation of Big Ben,” then I’ll lean in with narrowed eyes and whisper, “apparently, the real one is bigger!”

Only the polite guests will manage a weak laugh, but that’s usually enough to encourage me. Seriously, though, this one is a keeper. The only beef I have with it is that I can build it super fast, so you may want to buy Buckingham Palace at the same time. That one comes with a double-decker bus!

Lego Architecture New York City:

*One of the largest sets available

*Impressive likeness to the reality

*A true challenge

*A bit top heavy, so falls over easily

598 pieces of pure fun! Once completed, the set measures 10” high, 9” wide, and only 1” deep, making it ideal for placing it on the shelf in front of any questionable books you may own.

And if your mother in law tries to check behind it, you can distract her with facts you’ve selected from the handy booklet included, impressing her with historical facts and interesting architectural gems about New York City.

The fact that this set comes with a little green statue of Liberty is pretty much the icing on the cake.


On a typical romantic “date night,” my husband and I like to go to the toy store and gaze longingly at all the Lego sets. Now we have something new to add to our collection, something beautiful and unique.

I’m certain we’ll never outgrow the pajama-clad evenings of Lego building, a glass of wine in hand and a playful argument over whether the instruction sheet is upside down or not, but Lego Architecture feels like the next step up in life.

A sort of sophisticated maturity thrown into the mix. Because now the conversation strays towards deeper topics, and longer conversations.

Of where we are and where we hope to be one day. And if this seems rather sentimental to you, just go back in your mind to those nostalgia filled memories of Lego as a child, and you might want to recapture it too.

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