The Best Lego Spaceships of All Time – Updated for 2022

Ever since 1958 children of all ages became interested in one of the best -selling toys ever created, the toy you could build almost anything with, the toy that brought parents to their knees if you didn’t clean your room; Lego.

Just about everyone born before the new millennium can remember playing with Legos as a kid.

best lego spaceship sets

They came in so many different sets ranging from Cops and Robbers to dinosaur sets, no matter the theme of choice just about every kid in America has owned or at least experienced playing with Legos at some point in their childhood.

Legos were more than a trend; they were something we just did. Meeting someone who has never at least once played with Legos was indeed a rarity.

Here we have for you the top 5 biggest, best, and most sought after Lego space ship sets, some are quite valuable while some are discontinued.

5197 Pieces

The best Lego model available for Star Wars fans today, with a hefty price tag of $500 (or $5000 for the collector's edition) this model is recommended for only the most serious of collectors. This set is an insane 5197 pieces and includes Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and Chewy as Minifigs.

When built it measures 3X3 feet and weighs 50lbs so clearly it is not meant for playing with. There are other models available with more playability, but this one is designed to be built and displayed only.


+Tons of detail

+Main movie cast Minifigs included

+High resale value

+Millennium Falcon



-Not for children

479 Pieces

The mission control set is one of the most detailed involving a space shuttle. With a total of 479 parts and 4 Minifigs a female pilot is included.

Multiple accessories from a vehicle and launch tower with multiple floors.

This set impressed many builders with light and sound included making the build more enjoyable for children and adults.


+Many accessories

+Lights and sound

+realistic build as far as different moving parts and sections of the shuttle

+Detachable mid-section forms smaller shuttle


-Light and sound require batteries

-Small interior only fits Minifig

1230 Pieces

This set was released as a result of the success of 1682-1; 1230 pieces in total including 3 Minifigs, and one vehicle. This set is still considered an improvement over the original launch pad set 1682-1.

This set doesn’t have NASA’s name on any of the pieces like the original set, but features improved details, adding more pieces and complexity. Also it is more challenging to build while remaining as enjoyable as the other sets.


+Improved from the original launch pad set

+Accurate represents a real launch pad

+Detachable fuel tanks adds realism


- More challenging build

1368 Pieces

The 8480-1 was the first Lego set to include fiber optics as a part of the build and double as 2 different builds, the shuttle and a submarine. Consisting of 1368 parts including a 9v and is compatible with Minifigs although none are included. This set is considered one of the best original Technic Lego sets even though the build is considered to be difficult even for experienced Lego builders.


+ Moving parts match NASA’s space shuttle

+2 different builds from the same set

+Prized for its build complexity

+Considered one of the best of the older Lego sets


-Some parts are too heavy for the motor included to move completely

-Very difficult build not recommended for children

423 Pieces

This US exclusive Lego set was one of the first in the Lego (town) series released in 1990 the set became quite popular. 423 pieces in total including 3 Minifigs, space shuttle, launch tower (lattice pillars made it rare), and a transport vehicle.

Widely known among enthusiasts for being a particularly fun build and good expansion on any current town or city builds.


+The first NASA themed Lego set

+Transport vehicle is a nice bonus

+Astronaut Minifig for the shuttle

+Hidden compartment near the engines

+Good first set for a young builder


-The set is not to scale if you’re looking for accuracy

-Low level of detail, the shuttle has no landing gear

Why Are These Lego Spaceships the Best?

These sets were picked for their ratings, reviews, and how interesting they were compared to other sets.

Part of owning and enjoying Legos is the build at least for some, if not, then it’s the end result of your hard work and focus and finally being able to play with the Minifigs in your new scene. It’s always exciting to finish that build you spent hours on and being able to see it light up and watch the moving parts.

Any Lego enthusiast would be thrilled to have any of these sets for themselves. Lego sets that accurately model real buildings and worlds. Models that make sounds and light up just like their real life counter-parts is always satisfying even for those who have been building models for years.

Whether it’s small or large scale building enthusiasts can always find a Lego set to get excited about. Opening a new Lego set that has motors and fiber optics included in the building process that can be two different vehicles or to have an accurate model of a launch pad in your room would of course be the best Lego sets you can get. Being able to expand a model town or city by adding the Millennium Falcon is only possible with Lego.

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Now Pick Your Favorite Lego Spaceship Set

So here you have it; a toy known around the world that has been deemed toy of the century twice, loved by children and adults alike since the late 50’s that is still producing their award winning toy today.

I think of the sets listed, the best has to be the Millennium Falcon. Growing up every kid wanted a Millennium Falcon even if it was the small one that fired the little foam disks.

The products listed are definitely the best of the space ship Lego sets. Their popularity, demand, value, ratings and reviews are all proven. Anyone who loved building with Legos and had a fascination with space wanted at least one of these to build and add to their own collection.

Some of the best and most sought after Lego sets are listed right here if not, what’s missing from this list? From the early 90’s until now no one seems to rank any Lego sets higher than these.

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