The Best Lego Sets for Adults: Entertaining Builds for 2022

Superhero Airport Battle – Set 76051

With so many amazing Lego sets out there, how does an adult collector scour through to pick which ones are truly in a class of their own.

As avid collectors, we can actually save up our greenbacks and treat ourselves to the piece de resistance of Lego sets and not have to worry about being labeled a spoiled child.

As adults, we want the cream de le cream to make our Lego hobby go from wow to HOLY CRAP!!! What are you going to spend those gift cards on or that work bonus you received for busting your butt and giving constant overtime? How about one of our top Lego Sets for Adults?

Each of these sets has serious appeal, and with some having brick counts in the thousands, they are made for the adult connoisseur of Lego Sets! From Architecture to Movies, we have selected the best Lego sets for Adults out there, and you can just sit back and decide which of these sets calls your name.

1071 Pieces

If you are an automobile buff, Lego has created a set based on the iconic English car; The Mini Cooper! This 1071 piece set allows you to build a classic green and white Mini with authentic detailing throughout. The doors, hood, and trunk all open so you can admire the comprehensive engine and spare tire compartment as well as take a glimpse into the inside of this Cooper.

You can detach the roof to take an in-depth look at the meticulous interior. With a tan appearance including patterned seating and veneer looking dash, this little Mini Cooper is a real crowd pleaser. The steering wheel moves as does the shifter and hand brake. You really can’t go wrong with this Lego car set, and if you are dreaming of an afternoon in the British countryside, it even comes with a picnic basket and blanket to enjoy a relaxing moment on the English hillsides.

4634 Pieces

If Ectoplasmic containment and paranormal investigating makes you want to drive the Ecto 1 down the streets of your neighborhood, then the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters is the perfect addition to your pop culture collection. This 4634 piece Lego set is for the dedicated Lego builder. With nine mini figures and three ghosts including Slimer, you can twirl down the working pole down to the streets where slime oozes out of the sidewalk cracks. Don’t forget to grab your proton pack from the personalized lockers.

The Firehouse contains three stories where you can find a laboratory, darkroom, garage bay, office area and a kitchen complete with a fridge and frozen pizza. If you need a rest from all that ghostbusting, take a nap in the sleeping quarters or rec area. This set has attachable transparent arms to attach ghosts to the exterior. With open out walls for easy play access, the Ghostbusters Firehouse will give you both hours of building time and hours of play. a nice spin-off from the typical Lego city sets.

807 Pieces

This is the smallest set on our Best Adult Lego Sets list, but if you are a comic book fan, it is worth taking a look at and adding to your collection. With 807 pieces, the Airport Battle set won’t take an entire weekend to build, but the outcome will make you one content Lego crusader. This set has six mini figures including Iron Man and Captain America with his shield. There is also a buildable Giant Man and a micro figure Ant Man that can be used to blow up the control tower.

It is amazing that something so small can do so much damage! The air traffic control tower has two exploding features and the luggage carts rear trailer detonates as well. With a dual cockpit Quinjet with hidden shooters and fold out wings, you can re-enact some great comic battle scenes or use the visual control room with rotating chair to plan out the next big scheme. Either way, this Superhero set is worth taking a closer look at. It even comes with a collector's Comic Book.

5200 Pieces

This enormous Best Adult Lego set will keep you building for days. It comes with just under 5200 pieces and five mini figures including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and a Stormtrooper. There is a retractable boarding ramp and rotating turrets on both the top and bottom of the Falcon. A rotating laser dish and removable cockpit add to the intricate design.

When you take off the cockpit top, there is room for four mini figures in the well-appointed control space, complete with all the necessities to get this Millennium Falcon off the ground. The landing gear gives this Lego spaceship set the stability it needs being 33” long and 22” wide. All in all, this is one of the best Adult Lego Sets ever created, and you will be grateful you spent that extra cash on such an impressive piece of Star Wars history!

3100 Pieces

The biggest Star Wars Lego creation has to be on any adult Lego collectors list if you do not own this portentous personal Vader flagship already. With a length of 50” and weighing almost 8 pounds, you are going to have to make extra space on your collector shelf for it. With over 3100 pieces and five mini figures including Darth Vader and Admiral Piett just to name a few, the Super Star Destroyer is a weekend project.

Although you cannot see the command center once the build is complete, the top can be removed to see it and all its intricate details. The Super Star Destroyer comes with a display stand and a data sheet filled with all the relevant facts about this behemoth Darth Vader super ship. Enjoy playing out the Battle of Endor with this addition to your ever-growing Adult Lego Collection. Besides the Death Star, there isn’t a Star Wars set that comes close to the Super Star Destroyer.

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