The Best Lego Train Sets Ever – Updated for 2022

best lego train sets reviews

Lego has been building engines and train sets for decades, and with so many people out there that love trains, there are sets for every collection.

Steam engines of yesteryear, monorail systems of today and a few impressive sets as well all make our top 6 list.

Trains are nostalgic and bring each of us on a journey filled with landscapes and memories. Let's look at the best of the best when it comes to Lego Train sets and see what set fits best with your personal collection.

Best Lego Steam Train Sets

From the time of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, comes this fabulous train set from Lego. This set is perfect for fans of the wild west to classic locomotive collectors. It's 699 pieces are filled with authentic details and accessories. With seven mini figures, you can create a range of play scenarios and enjoy hours of fun.

The Constitutional Train Chase set comes with 16 curved and four straight tracks, so you’ll be able to see this steam engine move. Including an engine, coal car with secret hideout, wagon and prison wagon, there is a lot to this set. From silver nuggets and bars to a Gatlin gun and dynamite, the Constitutional Train Chase is in all honesty, an excellent addition to any train enthusiasts’ collection. Unfortunately, most of these trains are not Lego sets under $50.

Many Lego fans say that the Emerald Night Steam Train is the finest Lego Train set to date. Launched in 2009, this train set quickly grabbed the heartstrings of many people. Released from the Creator series from Lego, the Emerald Night set includes 1085 pieces. It was the first train set to include the new large train wheels and many builders rejoices. Three mini figures can be placed in any of the cars that include the engine, a tender, and a passenger car.

This detailed passenger car has a removable roof, and four doors and the interior has plenty of detail. You can power up the Emerald Night Steam Train using the add-on Power Function kits to make this beauty race around the track. Although this is a retired set based on the Flying Scotsman, it is worth trying to find. They don’t get any better than this set!

Best Lego Train Sets of Today

With an included remote control system and complete track, the Cargo Train set from Lego is chalked full of extras. Weighing in at 887 pieces, it’s a relatively large build but can easily be constructed in the afternoon. It comes with four mini figures, a train station with an office and a sliding overhead crane. The Cargo Train comes with 20 curved and eight straight tracks and has a forklift to load the train cars.

You’ll find the engine works great with the cargo wagons that include a cattle wagon, cow, bales, and gates. The motorized four channel seven-speed infrared remote lets you be the conductor to a great train set. The Cargo Train Set is a fun build and is a wonderful addition to any train enthusiasts collection.

Lego outdid themselves with the realistic replica of the Maersk Train. With authentic Maersk branding through the train set, this delightful build is comprised of and engine, two wagons, three containers, a shunter truck with detachable trailer. With over 1200 pieces, it is a relatively complex build, but the result is impressive. Three mini figures are included, and the details throughout are noticeable.

The engine has an opening driver cab and removable side panels that showcase the 16-cylinder engine. All the containers have opening doors, and one is outfitted with a refrigeration system. Adding the power function (not included in the set) is easy to do to enhance the Maersk Train. This set has a solid place on the Best Lego Sets of All Time list, and when you build it, you will quickly understand why!

Best Unique Lego Train Sets

The thought of having a train set encircling your Christmas tree gives a certain sentimental feeling to many of us. Whether we loved The Polar Express or just enjoy turning on the train while unwrapping gifts, the Winter Holiday Train is the perfect compliment to the holiday season. This train set comes with 734 pieces and 16 curved pieces of track. Five mini figures give plenty of options for play and the added holiday details make this train extra special.

You can decorate your Winter Holiday train with the included string lights, holiday wreaths, toys, gifts and rotating Christmas tree. It is comprised of an engine, coal tender, flatbed wagon and red caboose. You can also add the additional Power function kit (not included) to add endless hours of holiday intrigue. For the child in all of us, the Winter Holiday Train is a must have!

Add a winter train ride to your Lego city sets.

If you enjoy the unusual and bizarre, the Monster Fighters Ghost Train may fit the bill. Although it does not come with a track and can not be motorized, it’s the perfect train to round out our top 6 Best Lego Train Sets Ever list. The 741-piece build consists of an airplane with vacuum weapon, flick missiles, and a spinning propeller. The train has a prison and detachable train cars that have an eerie skeletal feel to them.

You will find glow in the dark elements throughout the set, and the five mini figures include three ghosts. This set is a little different than most of them, but for any train buff, it's one of those additions that will make people wonder. If you love the unique and paranormal world of wonder, the Monster Fighters Ghost Train Set may be the perfect supplement to your collection.

Train sets are loved by young and old. From the timeless steam engines of olden times to the fast-paced trains of today, there are many different sets to choose from. If you haven’t added these top 6 trains to your collection yet, pick one that will start you on the fast track to train collecting. Check all of the best Lego sets ever here.

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