The Best Selling Lego Sets Ever – Updated for 2022

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Lego has stood the test of time and every year they come out with better sets than the year before. Some sets fade away, and some are nostalgic, but the sets that are reinvented and improved if necessary, land on the list of the Best-Selling Lego Sets of All Time.

With so many sets and themes created since Lego started putting sets together, how does one choose the best of the best?

We are here to help, and we give you what we think are the top-rated Lego Sets in Lego history.

The list features a bit of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and a few classic sets as well. So, without further ado, here are your best bets when trying to select the cream of the crop of Lego Sets.

Best Star Wars Lego Sets of All Time

The Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic ships in Star Wars History, making it one of the best Star Wars Lego sets you need. Han and Chewy have battled the bad guys more than once in this amazing spaceship. With a piece count of 1254, the build is relatively large and a bit time-consuming, but the result is awe inspiring. Set 7965 comes with six mini figures and accessories including chairs, cups, control panels and a game board.

The hull plates all open to give the builder an inside look at the detailed interior. With twin flick missiles and a rotating quad laser cannon, you can protect Princess Leia from any attack. The final build has a detachable cockpit cover and the outcome once every brick has been put into place will leave you speechless. The Millennium Falcon is a must have for Lego and Star Wars enthusiasts alike.

It is hard to deny the significance of this ill-fated vessel of the Sith Empire, and Lego put out all the stops on this Star Wars set. With a monstrous 4016 pieces and 23 mini figures, the Death Star is the epitome of the Best Lego Sets Ever Built!

This fantastic build has so many rooms and features that we have difficulty deciding where to start! The Imperial Conference Chamber and Emperor Palpatine's Throne room are well designed. You also have a super laser control room and a hanger bay with movable launch racks. The launch bay comes with Vader's Tie Advanced flyer for Luke’s father to escape.

You will also find the Droid maintenance room, detention block and the trash compactor which even comes with the Dianega trash compactor monster! The tractor beam and turbo lasers with spring load features are amazing, and the list of weapons that are included is staggering at a total of 19! Although the price tag is hefty, if you can save up your cash for this amazing Lego creation, you will know it is worth every penny.

The Best Sailing Ship Lego Set of All Time

There are a few amazing ships in the Lego universe, but none come close to the Lego Movies Sea Cow. There are so many amazing gadgets on this 2741 piece Lego build that with each brick you are going to be downright flabbergasted! With four mini figures and two buildable figures, you will be able to create a scene right from the Lego Movie with ease. This colossal ship comes with two anchors, two side turbines, and four propellers.

The cannon and ammunition deck is filled with accessories and features six cannons and two boxes of ammo. The Captains room can be found when you open the top of the ship where you will find treasure. One of the finest features about MetalBeards Sea Cow is the working sails. When you turn the exhaust, the billowing sails will go up or down. With two gold keys, a gold crowbar and even a cow with wings, this set has got to make its way into your collection.

The Best Lord of the Rings Sets

If the land of J.R.R Tolkien calls your name, then this 652-piece set is the perfect medium sized build for you. It comes with six mini figures including Gandalf the Grey and has all the accessories to re-enact a feast fit for a hobbit. There are goblets, plates, bread and carrots as well as a chicken and sausage. An Unexpected Gathering comes with two swords, two knives, a club, pick and staff.

To start the journey to middle earth, there are three maps to help with directions from Bilbo Baggins Shire home. Fitted with flowers, a fence and a gate that opens, enter the magical Hobbit Hole to start your adventure to find Middle Earth. This set will capture your imagination and delight any who get to see or play with it!

This Lord of the Rings Tower is larger than life. With six floors to build and 2359 pieces, the Tower of Orthanc is in our opinion, the best Lego Set of all Time! The details can be found on every floor and with the five mini-figures, buildable Ent and Great Eagle, you can recreate Gandalf’s great escape, or fight against the menacing Saruman. You will find a folding staircase, a functional opening entrance door and a trap door within the structure.

Saruman’s throne room is filled with intricate details, and the alchemy room has potions, cauldrons, and a bomb. There are also dungeons, a library, and an attic to complete this breathtaking Lego Creation. This is the piece de resistance of Lego build sets and without question is rewarded with the Best Lego Set Ever title.

Honorable Mentions

If creating your own masterpiece is more your style, the Lego Creative Building Basket is filled with 1000 pieces in 42 different colors. It is the perfect starter kit for any aspiring Lego engineer, and with an idea book included, it will give you a starting point to build your very own designs.

Also, where would us Lego enthusiasts be without the Green and Blue build plates. These handy bases help all of us create epic castle structures and cityscapes with ease!

Also check out Lego spaceship sets we love.

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