The Best Lego Buildings – Modular Sets for 2022

Parisian Restaurant – Set 10243

Lego started creating its modular building sets and introduced them in 2007. Now with over ten buildings and miniature versions available, an entire city block can be recreated by you.

There are theaters and grocery store, detective offices and fire brigades, all waiting to be added to your ever-growing metropolis.

We have put together the top 5 Best Lego Modular Building Sets to get you going.

The details are amazing, and the concept of having modular builds is quite exciting. Consider it a more advanced version of some Lego City sets. Each of these exceptional modular Lego sets has so much detail, and the amount of pieces in each are substantial!

The Best Lego Modular Buildings

The Brick Bank is an essential building for your growing community. It includes 2352 pieces of Lego fun and has five mini-figures. You will find a secretary’s office filled with accessories like a wall clock and typewriter as well as a desk and chair. The Bank Managers office has a large wood like a desk, a leather look chair, bankers lamp, and a statue. With its rare sand-blue and dark green bricks, the overall look of this bank is detailed from top to bottom.

There are printed ground floor windows and evening a coin counting machine to tally up your towns profits. Once you have counted your cash, place it in the bank vault for safe keeping. To finish off this building, there is a laundry mat with four washing machines. A bank and laundry all in one. Is this considered money laundering?

Every city needs a fantastic restaurant, and the Parisian Restaurant is exactly that. The detail and accessories you receive in this monster build are just astounding. With 2469 pieces and five mini-figures, the build is quite large; a lego castle! But with every brick, you will create a restaurant worthy of a visit from the stars. You will uncover a fully stocked blue and white kitchen. There is a façade complete with croissants and clams for your Parisian guests to indulge.

On the second floor, a fully functioning apartment adorned with a pull-down bed and fireplace as well as a kitchenette await your mini figures tired feet. The third floor has been designed as an artist loft complete with easel, paintbrushes and a cast iron stove to keep warm. Stairs lead to a roof top terrace decorated with hanging lanterns and flowers. Overall this is an excellent modular build that is both well designed and detailed throughout.

The department store of the modular Lego set series is truly a sight to behold. With over 2100 pieces including seven mini-figures, this is the best Lego modular building for shopping. This three-story shopping oasis has a ground floor dedicated to clothing and accessories. It includes jewelry, perfume, hats, and trousers. It even has a fitting room for your Lego characters to try items on. Complete with a cash register for payment, this first floor is just the beginning.

The second floor has a large selection of houseware items from glassware to a fancy gold plate collection. On the third floor of the Grand Emporium, you will find a toy department filled with fabulous accessories like a toy house and a scooter. There are window mannequins, a mailbox to send off important documents and an ice cream stand to enjoy a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. This Modular Lego Build is an absolute gem and worthy of being on our top five list.

The number two spot on our top five Best Lego Buildings is the Palace Cinema. This beautifully designed building is fit for the most important premieres in town. With almost 2200 pieces and a design that is simply breathtaking, the Palace Cinema is filled with star-studded details. There are six mini-figures including a superstar child actor and their chauffeur. The black limousine is perfect for rolling up in and walking to the sidewalk of stars in the spotlight.

Inside you will find a meticulously designed lobby with a ticket area and concession stand. Walk up the grand staircase into the theater containing a large silver screen and movie projector. There is room for six mini-figures to seat in the reclining movie chairs with plenty of legroom. Filled with movie posters and a palatial theater sign out front, the Palace Cinema is bursting with Hollywood Glam!

The top two on our list could easily be swapped out, but what the Town Hall wins with, is the sheer volume of Lego Bricks. This remarkable Town Hall has 2766 pieces and eight mini-figures. With that amount of brick alone, it is our top pick for Best Lego Building in the Modular series. The Hall boasts three stories of civil space and has everything from a coat of arms to a bell tower with ladder and bench. The first story encompasses a large hall, perfect for the newlywed's ceremony, the tax office to pay those pesky property taxes, and an auditorium for those ever so important city council meetings.

There is a functioning elevator to take you to the second floor, where you will find the Mayors and secretaries office that are both decked out with large desks, chairs, paintings, and sculptures. On the third floor, you will find a meeting room with conference tables and chairs, a globe and plants. This Town Hall is a great large-scale build, and it will certainly add to your civic center. With its large columned entrance, it bodes to say; this town hall is the Best Lego Building on the block!

With an array of structures to choose from, these top five are the perfect selections to get your modular city up and running. The details in each and every build are overwhelming and the amount of time you will spend setting up your town will be rewarded with quality and gratification. If you have not added these to your Lego collection yet, take the plunge and enjoy the Best Lego Buildings that are available to you. Read our article about the best Lego sets to build.

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