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Lego Batman: His First Successful Romance

Through the years our caped crusader has never had problems finding a romantic interest, but with all the emotional baggage that Bruce Wayne has, he has not been able to make a love connection stick. In the past, Batman has been involved with hero’s, villains, and people with no powers at all. He has been […]

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The Ultimate Lego Trivia Cheat Sheet

Find me a person on the planet that hasn’t heard of, seen or played with a Lego brick and I will find a needle in a haystack. Lego has become a household word, and since the first Lego set was built in 1949, this Danish toy powerhouse has even overthrown Mattel in the Toy industry. […]

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A Lego Mom’s Life with a KFOL

When I was a little girl, I had a box full of LEGO. I was a Rainbow Warrior building multi-colored castles and furniture out of every brick I had in that box. Being a child of a Danish immigrant, LEGO was a necessity. “Danes know how to make good, solid toys” my father would say. […]

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The Best Lego Star Wars Sets: Reviews for 2017

Some of the best cinematography of all time comes from the Star Wars franchise. From the love affair of Princess Leia and Han Solo, to the battlefields of Hoth, Star Wars has been a part of pop culture for five decades. With so many films to gain inspiration from, Lego has produced some of their […]

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The Best Lego Train Sets Ever – Updated for 2017

Lego has been building engines and train sets for decades, and with so many people out there that love trains, there are sets for every collection. Steam engines of yesteryear, monorail systems of today and a few impressive sets as well all make our top 6 list. Trains are nostalgic and bring each of us […]

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The Best Lego Buildings – Modular Sets for 2017

Lego started creating its modular building sets and introduced them in 2007. Now with over ten buildings and miniature versions available, an entire city block can be recreated by you. There are theaters and grocery store, detective offices and fire brigades, all waiting to be added to your ever-growing metropolis. We have put together the […]

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