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The Best Lego Sets of All Time in Every Category – Updated for 2022

From a small town in Denmark, someone had a dream of bringing to life a brick made toy that spurred the imagination and molded future generations of architects and engineers.

The invention of Lego has surpassed any other toy manufacturers success, and today we see Lego enthusiasts from 3 to 103. With themes spanning everything from motor vehicles to robots, there are sets for every interest and age group.

best lego sets ever

Whether you are receiving your very first Duplo set or are saving up for your next Ultimate Collectors mega set, Lego offers each and every one of us the ability to create our very own brick masterpieces.

What distinguishes a Lego set to be labeled as one of the Best Lego Sets Ever? Is it how many sets were sold? Maybe it is dependent on how many pieces the set holds or how intricate the detailing is.

We all have our favorite subject matter when it comes to Lego sets, but the Best of the Best are the Sets that we all dream of adding to our collection. The sets that start with one square brick and end with hours of enjoyable build and play time.

The Best Lego Sets of All Time are those sets that have the ability to transport us into the land of make believe and turn each of us into a Lego Engineer Extraordinaire!

There are Lego sets that are clearly marked 16+, but that is not the only characteristic that makes Lego sets Adult oriented. Since the launch of the Lego company, thousands of sets have been created and every year sets are retired. True AFOL spends their Lego budgets on the biggest and best sets on the market. They know the Best Lego Sets to Buy are not going to come cheap, and they are willing to spend what it takes to have the highest quality sets adorning their shelves, cabinets and display cases.

The Super Star Destroyer Set 10221 From the Star Wars collection is a behemoth Set weighing 8lbs and spanning over 4 feet! This set comes with over 3100 pieces and includes five mini figures a data sheet and a display stand. It is one of the most exquisite Lego Sets out there, and although it can be difficult to find, once you do get your hands on it, the price tag is worth every cent!

Lego has designed some of the most amazing architecture sets based on the world's most iconic buildings and cities. From the Romantic Parisian Eiffel Tower to the Guggenheim Museum, the Architecture series is for all lovers of beautiful structural design. Lego even produces an architecture studio set perfect for anyone that wants the create their own unique designs. With numerous different sets to choose from, how does a fan of Lego select the perfect set for their personal taste? If you have ever wanted to travel the world, but finances are a little tight, try your building skills and create a miniature model of Venice, to begin with.

The Venice Architecture set 21026 brings you to the romantic Italian city brick by brick. Explore the floating city and enjoy the sites including the Winged Lion of St. Mark, Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs. Travel to St. Mark’s Basilica and enjoy all of Venice and its old-world charm. Every Architecture Set comes with a nameplate and a booklet featuring historical information about each of the structures. The Architecture Series are well priced and give you the ability to travel the world through the eyes of Lego.

There is a whole modular building theme for Lego enthusiasts to get their hands on. These modular sets open up and showcase some of the most detailed structures on the inside that Lego has ever produced. Their popularity is picking up speed with additions like Cinemas, Green Grocers, and Emporiums.

Each of the Modular Lego Building sets is comprised of three floors, and some even have rooftop patios. The accessories that come with these modular building sets are too numerous to count. Lego has thought of everything from fridges loaded with the freshest ingredients to art studios with canvases and paint brushes.

The one modular building set that really stands out is Town Hall set 10224. The set has 2766 pieces and comes with eight mini figures including a bride and groom for that quick elopement, and the mayor and his secretary to run the town smoothly. The three-story build is highly decorated from the flooring to the coat of arms.

With a bell tower and large skylight, the Town Hall modular building set is both functional and fun to play with. If you have not started collecting the modular building sets from Lego, try this one as your first. You can add different structures as you expand your new collection with the best modular buildings Lego has to offer.

Henry Ford would be proud of the evolution the automobile has made since the first Model A drove down a dusty street. Vehicles have come a long way from the four stroke engines of the past, and with modern technology bringing us one step closer to self-driven cars, Lego has created some of the most amazing car sets of epic vehicles.

They have recreated to Volkswagen Beetle, The Austin Mini Cooper and Sports cars like the Porsche 911 and Indy Cars. With all of those choices, there is one car set that stands out from the rest.

The Ferrari F40 set 10248 is a sports car with serious clout in the fast-paced world of two-seater coupes. This Best Lego Set of All Time features over 1100 pieces and offers an incredible view of the twin turbo V8 engine and side air intake. The lines are aerodynamic, and the Ferrari Red color is a trademark sign that this Italian made car is authentic.

Rev up the engine and enjoy one of Ferrari’s most iconic Supercars of all time with the Lego Ferrari F40 Set 10248. This car is a must have for automobile and Lego enthusiasts alike.

You can find castle sets created by Lego that go back decades and were built with yellow bricks that Dorothy would be proud of. There are castles from Harry Potter, mansions from the Knights Kingdom and fortresses from Batman. Castles are one of histories biggest marvels, and there are so many Lego Castle fans out there, the battle for best castle would be as intense as the battles of Arthurian Times. We could not pick just one castle for the Best Lego Sets Ever list, so these two share the spotlight.

The Kings Castle set 70404 is the perfect structure for a steadfast legionnaire. With turrets and drawbridges, the Kings Castle brings to life battles against dragons and protecting the princess. With 996 pieces including a movable staircase and hidden escape door, this castle has everything you want in a stronghold. The second on the list is the amazing Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter Series. Set 4842 has almost 1300 pieces and included 11 mini figures. With secret compartments and detachable towers, the Hogwarts Castle is one of the best that has passed on the silver screen.

Legos City theme sets are some of the most popular for young Lego fans. The different themes within Lego City are endless, and whether you are a police fan or want to be a firefighter when you grow up, Lego City has you covered. With well over 350 City sets available since the first release in the early 2000; City includes construction, fire, police, hospital, mining, traffic, coast guard, farm, transport, train, cargo and space collections. Think of the size of town you could create with all of those! A city filled with everything you need to sustain a prospering civilization.

One of the most popular sub-genres of the City theme sets from Lego is the Police sets, and the Police Station set 60141 is our choice for young and old Lego builders alike. This set comes with 7 Lego mini figures including three crooks and four police officers. There are 894 pieces in the pack, and the extra features and details make this one of the Best Lego Sets to Buy. Whether the set is for you or a child that loves to build, hours of building time and days of amusement will make you smile from ear to ear. You will be pleasantly surprised with the Lego Police Station.

Those ultra rare Lego sets and the monstrous ones that have over 5000 pieces are nice to have, but starting a collection of Lego sets does not need to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of Lego products on the market that are perfect for young enthusiasts, birthday gifts or for those of us that just want a relatively easy build that only takes an hour or so. Finding Lego sets that are under $50 is fairly easy, and you can grab one from any of the themes that Lego has to offer, but you still want the best bang for your buck.

One of the best Lego Sets under $50 is the Dragster Transporter set 60151. This set comes with three separate builds including a Truck, detachable trailer, and dragster. With 333 pieces and two mini figures, the Dragster Transporter has vivid colors and some pretty cool features including cylinder fuel tanks, traditional exhaust pipes and a lowering ramp to quickly unload the Dragster for race day.

If you need to make any last-minute adjustments, the set comes with tools and a fuel barrel to gas up. The Dragster Transporter is not a big set, but the components combined are a great value for the money. This set can effortlessly find a place in your growing Lego collection, and the younger Lego fans really love this fast track set.

With hundreds of Lego sets designed every year, trying to narrow down the best-selling Lego sets is a tough feat. Every year there is a set that grabs the attention of Lego collectors. When Lord of the Rings Lego was released, the Tower of Orthanc reined supreme. The first Lego movie brought huge success for Metal Beards Sea Cow. The Taj Mahal set to this day, is one of the most complicated sets to get your hands on and the Grand Carousel set is just as popular.

There is one Lego set that has been remodeled more than once, and if you do not have it in your collection yet, we bet you are thinking, The Death Star has to be the Best-Selling Lego Set of All! The Death Star transcends Star Wars fans and spaceship enthusiasts. This set made of over 4000 pieces, is so detailed and so popular to this day, that it is unwavering as our number one choice for the Best Lego Set to Buy.

With a mini figure count of 23 and more rooms than you could imagine, The Death Star set 75159 is a Lego collectors dream. It measures 16” in diameter, and although because of the circular shape, it is a little difficult to build, the result is truly awe-inspiring. Save up your coins, and take the plunge with what we think, is one of the all-time best Lego Sets!

From Egyptian time to the modern age, our fascination with outer space has taken a deep root within our souls. Mankind has created award-winning movies about it, designed space stations to explore it and sung memorable songs about it. At some point in every ones’ life, they dream of being an astronaut, following in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and John Glenn. Discovering new frontiers like Dr. Spock and Captain Kirk full of new life forms. Traveling to Infinity and Beyond begins with one small step, and Lego has taken giant steps when it comes to brings us earthlings closer to outer space.

Lego Spaceship sets range from the accurate to the fantastical. Some come with little green men, and others bring us closer to history. No spaceship Lego set on the market to date, brings each of our childhood dreams of being an astronaut like the Space Shuttle Expedition set 10231.

This wonderfully designed spaceship is based on the US Space Shuttle program ships like the Endeavor, Columbia, and Challenger. Building this ode to Aeronautic History transports a person to the possibilities of what is really out there and brings a piece of the US space program to the collector shelves of Lego fans of every age.

Are you a wannabe Sith Lord and follow the dark side as Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Sidious, wielding a red lightsaber did? Alternatively, do you follow the rules of the Jedi and dream of being Luke Skywalker, Yoda or Obi-Wan? We do not know many people that haven’t seen a single Star Wars movie, and for us, die-hard fans of the franchise, picking a favorite can be excruciating.

With the release of the new Star Wars movies over the past few years, a new breed of Star Wars fan is developing. The resurgence of this epic film series is bringing young and old together to marvel at the storyline, the cinematography and the characters of yesteryear.

With hundreds of Star Wars Lego sets available, there are the classics that everyone loves like the Death Star, Super Star Destroyer, and Millennium Falcon. However, there are some Star Wars Lego sets that encapsulate an entire scene sequence from the movies. One of those sets caught our eye, and we think it is definitely one of the Best Lego Star Wars Sets to own. Filled with more weapons that you could possibly need and enough mini figures to re-enact a Star Wars rendition of the Last Supper, The Ewok Village set 10236 is a blockbuster in its own right.

This Best Lego Set to Buy has 1990 pieces and embraces the SNOT technique of building. With Rope walkways, slides and an elevating throne, there are plenty of elements to keep you entertained. There are rooms for everything including food storage, bedrooms, kitchen and a tree-trunk hideout. Bring Han to the throne and watch the furry Ewoks embrace their new-found friends. This is a build that can be enjoyed by both old and new Star Wars fans and is a must for any Lego lovers’ collection.

If you are a fan of creating complex models and have thought that regular Lego is a bit boring (and shame on you if you believe that), Lego Technic is the perfect system for you. Developed in the late 70’s, Lego started producing sets that used different components such as gears, rods, and pins. Now the best Lego Technic sets are amazingly complex and aesthetic.

The idea behind Technic Lego is all about being able to create complicated models that have more function and let’s face it, more FUN! The Power function sets add movement and allow some models to go from a stationary build to a fully engaging model that gives you the ability to drive, steer and race.

Since the 1970’s Technic Lego sets have come a long way, and with the Bionicles collections now using many parts from the Technics line, we are starting to see crossovers that extend the building experience. If you are looking for a Puritan Technics set, though, one of the best Technic sets of all time is the Technic Cargo Plane Set 42025.

The Cargo Plane comes with 1297 pieces and boasts real world functions. Using the included power functions kit, you can move the joystick on the infrared remote control to watch the ailerons and wing flaps move for takeoff. The Power Functions set also opens and closed both the front and rear cargo bays. The Cargo Plane set has all the gears, beams, plates and axles that Technic fans have grown to love.

You can also rebuild the Cargo Plane into a Transport Hovercraft for added enjoyment. This is one of the biggest Technic Sets and gives you hours of building fun.

Rail transportation is one of the most relaxing ways to travel. From the Trans-Siberian Railroad in Russia to the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada, there is something romantic and majestic about traveling the rails. Trains have played a major role in the evolution of travel, and we have seen many trains on the silver screen. From the Polar Express to Harry Potter, Mission Impossible to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, trains have stood the test of time in the movies.

Lego has made some memorable train sets over the years as well, and one of the best is the Emerald Night Steam Train Set 10194. This train is an A3 type steam locomotive that is constructed using 1085 pieces. It was the first Lego train set to receive new large train wheels both flanged and blind. It is based on the Flying Scotsman and has everything from a removable roof to view the passenger compartment to 4 doors that open for easy travel between cars.

You can motorize the Emerald Night Steam Train by adding on the Power Functions set (sold separately), to really appreciate the overall model. Loving trains is easy to do with the Emerald Night Steam Train Set, and when you add this beautiful set to your collection, fellow Lego aficionados will revel at your newest addition.

With decades of Lego sets ranging from the small to the substantial, you will be hard pressed not to find a set that sings to your soul. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or Architecture, inexpensive sets or sets that you have to save up for, there is something for everyone. Start a collection for a young child by purchasing them a Dragster Transporter set or splurge on yourself and finally acquire that coveted Star Wars Death Star Set. Whatever you decide, enjoy building with Lego and watch your collection grow. It all started in a small town in Denmark!

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