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6 Best Lego Car Sets – 2022 Reviews for Auto Builder Enthusiasts

Lego has been creating car sets for over 50 years, and the evolution is quite remarkable. In the early years, everything was quite square and didn’t look realistic, but with the development of thousands of different pieces since the first set, the car enthusiast now can create beautiful works of automotive art.

best lego car sets

With hundreds of Lego sets available, though, how does one choose the best Lego car sets to add to their collection? We’ve got a great top five list to help you narrow things down and give you hours of building enjoyment.

These sets will find a stately home in your Lego building room, and with a variety of different price points and range of building difficulty, there is something for everyone!

Best Lego Car Sets from the Movies

The classic film on the 80’s is well represented with the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 original set, but with the newest movie in the film franchise, The Ecto 1 and 2 set has been reconfigured and showcases the redesigned ghostbusting ambulance synonymous with Ghostbusters.

This 556-piece set comes with five mini figures and one mayhem figure. You’ll find all the necessary paranormal tracking equipment from proton packs, ion shield guns, and PKE meters. The Ecto 1 comes with a removable roof, opening front doors and all the Ghostbuster logos to make this supernatural sedan stand out as a distinctive best of Lego car choice.

With the release of the Dark Knight Trilogy, came a new and futuristic bat mobile. The Tumbler is by far the most intense and imaginative vehicles that Batman has ever driven, and Lego has created a fantastic set to celebrate the iconic Tumbler. With over 1800 pieces, this set is suggested for 16+, but the build is beyond gratifying.

With an armored exterior, adjustable top wings and a state of the art interior, The Tumbler is one sophisticated vehicle. It comes with two mini figures and a cool Wayne Industries Tumbler Fact sheet. This Lego car set is a MUST have for car enthusiasts and comic devotees alike.

Best Lego Car Sets for Racing Enthusiasts

Ferrari is known for its ingenuity, race history, and dynamic design. Now Lego has captured the quintessential Ferrari F40 design is all its glory. This build contains 1158 pieces, so it isn’t for the faint of heart Lego builder. With components like the pop-up head lights, twin turbo 90 degrees V8 engine and authentic interior, the Ferrari F40 Lego set is as lifelike as they come.

In a classic racing red color scheme with complimentary Ferrari logos, this best of Lego car sets includes side air intake, vented rear hatch, tools and road grip tires. You would be hard-pressed to find a better Lego car model to build in the history of Lego. The Ferrari F40 will be front and center in your Lego set car collections. This car set is worth every penny!

The Technics line of Lego adds the ability for more moveable parts with its advanced model building components, and the Drag Racer set 42050 is a textbook case for this. With 647 pieces, this blue and black drag racer with added flame detailing a complete V8 engine with moving pistons and an operational steering structure. The overall design is both an impressive build and a good representation of drag cars of today. It comes with mammoth rear tires for that extra grip on the racetrack, so you know this drag car has some serious horsepower.

The body can be removed to see the exhaust pipes, chassis, and working transmission. One very cool feature of the Technics Drag Racer is you can upgrade it using the 8293 power functions motor set. Adding this onto the build gives your drag racer the capability to do wheelies!! You can also rebuild the Drag Racer into a supercharged Dragster. Overall, this Technics set is top notch with no real downfalls.

Best Lego Car Sets just for Fun

This one is a little off the wall, but if you enjoyed Mad Max at all, it has the feel of the Interceptor or the Doof Wagon. Rigging together many different components, The Rumble Blade has 367 pieces and comes with five mini-figures. The coolest thing about this best Lego car set is there are three detachable vehicles hidden within the Rumble Blade itself!

Although it is a smaller build, its perfect for the beginner collector or the Lego investor. Loaded missiles, claybot swords, and chain swords add to the Mad Max feel of the Rumble Blade from the Next Knights collection. The price is easy on the wallet, and the enjoyment level is off the charts. Take the risk and grab this car set for your collection.

I’m a Camaro fan at heart, but if asked which body style is the best, I’d have to say the 1969 z/28, or maybe the 2016 Camaro. True Camaro fans find it hard to choose between the two and in this Chevy Camaro Drag Race set from Lego; you get BOTH! This set comes with 445 pieces and three mini figures as well as a functioning start/finish line. You can switch the lights from red to green and see which one of these iconic Camaro designs finishes first.

The 1969 comes with two interchangeable engine blocks, and there are two sets of interchangeable rim sets. The Chevy Camaro Drag Race set is a reasonable price and is perfect for the younger Lego builders. If you are a classic or modern Camaro lover, this adult Lego set can’t be overlooked.

With so many Lego cars to choose from in classic or futuristic designs, there is a perfect set out there for every collector young and old. Whether you gravitate towards pop culture or the Indy 500, Lego has a wide selection to satisfy every car connoisseur!

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