The Best Lego Star Wars Sets: Reviews for 2022

Sandcrawler – Set 75059

Some of the best cinematography of all time comes from the Star Wars franchise. From the love affair of Princess Leia and Han Solo, to the battlefields of Hoth, Star Wars has been a part of pop culture for five decades.

With so many films to gain inspiration from, Lego has produced some of their Best-selling Lego Sets of all time.

Yes, the Death Star is probably the most iconic Lego Star Wars set of all time, but we wanted to bring you a list of sets that will have you frothing at the mouth to purchase, build and showcase your growing Lego Star Wars collection.

1996 Pieces

This Boba Fett driven Star Wars lego spaceship is filled with details and design elements. It comes with 1996 pieces to build and includes four mini-figures as well as one of the best Lego Star Wars mini figures to date: Han Solo in Carbonite! The rotating cockpit gives you a bird’s eye view of the flight deck, and the wings can be positioned for flight and landing.

Opening side hatches enable you to see the cargo hold area with rotating dual shooters, and hidden blasters give you the opportunity to re-enact Han Solos apprehension by Boba Fett. This is a relatively large build and comes with a display stand and data sheet. A must for fans of Han Solos story!

1695 Pieces

Although this Best Lego Star Wars Set only comes with one mini figure, the sheer size and intricacy of the build itself overshadows the lone TIE fighter pilot. With 1695 pieces, the TIE Fighter is a substantial build that has elaborate details including an opening top hatch. The size of the TIE Fighter is over 18” high, 12” long and just over 12” wide.

You are going to love to display stand that comes with Set 75095 and the fact plaque filled with TIE Fighter Trivia. This is definitely a display piece for your collection rather than a playing piece. Enjoy this large build and re-enact the destruction of the Death Star!

3296 Pieces

With Jawa’s abound, the Sandcrawler brings you a plethora of droids to purchase including R2D2 and C3PO.With a colossal brick count of 3296 and 14 mini figures, our Best Lego Star Wars Sets Review would not be complete without including the Jawa Sandcrawler. With a lowering front ramp, you can load up this vehicle with droids, and the opening roof and side panels give you an in-depth look into the engine, storage bay, and cockpit.

Use the swinging cranes to load parts and larger droids and enjoy the steering mechanism with movable treads as the Sandcrawler transports its precious droids to the next buyers market. Although the Sandcrawler may look like a large brown brick, the interior will blow your mind. For true Star Wars fans, this transporter is a must have for your collection.

The collectible Emperor Palpatine Hologram is the first thing you will love about the Imperial Star Destroyer Set. When you start putting this Star Wars Lego set together, though, you will be transported to Darth Vaders home away from home. The Imperial Star Destroyer comes with six mini figures, Emperor Palpatines Hologram, and a Mouse Droid. With seven powerful blue engines and a rear handle that shoots the eight cannons, this warship is not for the faint of heart.

Remove the top of the Destroyer to bask at the detailed interior including a rotating weapons rack, swiveling chairs, the control panel and a bridge. The fold-down side panels showcase the two spring-loaded shooters and storage compartment. The Imperial Star Destroyer admirably receives a secure spot on the Best Lego Star Wars Sets of all time, and when you add this set to your collection, you will quickly understand why!

This is a great set for adult Lego builders.

1990 Pieces

This Ewok village brings to life the scenes on Endor. With a colossal 17 mini figures and 1990 pieces, this vine and leaf village is filled to the brim with cool features. Rope walkways adorn this Ewok hideaway, and spider web nets are abound. There is a kitchen, food storage area, bedroom, and planning room to narrate your own Endor scenes and you can elevate Han Solo in the rising throne. With a secret tree truck hideaway, catapults and a slide, the Ewok Village is jam-packed for hours of play.

A Speeder is included in this Best Star Wars set, and the number of weapons incorporated into the set is awesome. You will find spears, bows and arrows, lightsabers, blaster rifles and blaster pistols to create your own battle scenes. Overall this is one of our favorite Star Wars sets, and we think you will happily agree.

1137 Pieces

No Best Star Wars Lego Sets list would be complete without including the epic Battle of Hoth. The AT-AT walker is synonymous with the Star Wars films, and Lego has really stepped up to the plate when designing the AT-AT set 75054. Comprised of 1137 pieces, the AT-AT stands 12” high and comes with five mini figures including one of the best Lego Star Wars mini figures General Veers.

The AT-AT has a movable head with a cockpit that holds two mini figures and can be rotated to aim the spring-loaded shooters. There is a switch-operated trap door, and the side hatches open. With a blaster pistol and three blaster rifles, you can recreate the infamous Hoth battle scenes and pose the AT-AT legs for the epic fall of the AT-AT.

Honorable Mention Set

A list of Best Star Wars Lego Sets would not be complete if we did not mention the growing list of Star Wars figures. You can build these bad boys and pose them in different ways to create your very own epic battles of Sith versus Jedi. These sets come in Darth Vader-75111, Finn – 75116, Poe Dameron – 75115 and Luke Skywalker – 75110 just to name a few. Start collecting them all to take your Lego Star Wars Collection to the next level!

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