The Best Lego Technic Sets of All Time: Updated for 2022

Heavy Lift Helicopter – Set 42052

If you have not added any Lego Technic sets to your growing collection, they are well worth a closer look. Lego Technic is a series created by Lego to bring realistic movable and power sourced models to Lego builders.

They have different rods, and pieces that make for a challenging build and the end results are entertaining and display worthy.

To date Lego has created over 350 Technic sets and narrowing this vast list down to the Best Lego Technic Sets was difficult, but we think you will be impressed with the list we have come up with. With cars, helicopters, heavy equipment and airplanes on the list, you will find it difficult not to grab one of these Lego Technic Best sets for yourself.

So, sit back and take notes on which sets you need to add to your collection.

1200 Pieces

This amazing Technic set although retired, is a marvel in automobile design. This Best of Technic set comes with over 1200 pieces for a rewarding build. With the built-in Lego Power Functions, the futuristic scissor doors open to view the detailed interior. You can extend the spoiler and open the hood to view the powerful V8 engine with moving pistons, which gives this Super Car its power!

The luxury sports car comes with realistic steering and suspension and can easily get you to where you need to be in 60 seconds or less. With an option to rebuild the Super Car into a Hot Rod, you will have hours of building entertainment, and once you have decided which form to display, you will have your buddies ogling at the outcome. This is one of our picks for best Lego sets ever.

1327 Pieces

This 1327 piece Lego Technic set has everything you need for some serious off-roading. With its included Power Functions kit, this four-wheeling beast has extreme suspension for any terrain and the 4-wheel drive, and 4-wheel steering makes it easy to climb any rocky landscape. The doors and top section open for viewing of the interior design.

After you have created the 4 x 4 Crawler, you can recreate a superb 4 x 4 off-road truck. Overall if you are a fan of the all-terrain vehicles, the 4 x 4 Crawler from Technic is one of the best that Lego has created. This one is well worth the price tag, and you will enjoy copious amounts of Lego building fun!

1123 Pieces

If heavy equipment is more your shtick, then the Motorized Excavator is the perfect choice for your first big ticket Best Lego Technic sets. This earth mover has four motorized functions for hours of Lego Technic playtime. Flip the switch on the infrared remote and start moving the Excavator to the dig site then rotate the 360-degree driver's cabin to get the maximum effect of being in the field. With a moving articulated arm and a bucket with strong digging claws, you can load up those rock trucks quickly and shovel your way into the hard to reach areas of your work site.

This Excavator can spin, move, dig and lift and when you are through with this design, rebuild the excavator into a Tracked Loader for even more gratification. The Motorized Excavator comes with 1123 pieces, and the end result for both builds will leave you satiated!

1043 Pieces

The 1043-piece Heavy Lift Helicopter Lego Technic set is filled to the brim with cool and exciting motorized features. From the rotating Contra rotors to the opening loading ramp and cargo bay doors, this flying Technic Set will have you buzzing right alongside the two large engines. You can load up and move the elevators before positioning the multi-directional nose wheel to point you in the direction you need to take off.

There is a buildable cargo accessory and working winch to move that payload inside of the Heavy Lift Helicopter. With rudders that move and an overall design that makes this flying specimen stand out, you will receive hours of play with the included Power functions capabilities. This Heavy Lift Helicopter can be rebuilt into a fierce Tandem Rotor Helicopter for added enjoyment.

1977 Pieces

We could not have a Lego Technic Best Set list without including a rip-roaring tractor. This 1977-piece red, green and gray farm tractor has so many motorized features that you will be wishing you were working on the local farm driving the CLAAS Xerion 5000 Trac VC. You can rotate the driver's cab and operate the crane arm and extendable outriggers with the flick of a switch on the Lego Power Functions motor.

There are manual functions as well that include the front wheel/4-wheel/crab steering options and the working crane complete with a claw feature to grab the included tree trunk. If you finish the build and are looking for more options, the CLAAS Xerion 5000 Trac VC can be rebuilt into a Silage Plow. Now moving feed for livestock can be done with ease.

1297 Pieces

Lego really pulled out all the stops on this Technic set. The Cargo Plane come equipped with authentic functions that work at the push of a joystick. Observe the wing flaps moving for directional flight and move the ailerons to lift your plane into the air. The Power Function activates the cargo bays in both the front and rear of the plane so you can quickly load and offload all of your precious cargo. With retractable landing gear, and runway will be a breeze to navigate and add to a smooth arrival.

The Cargo Plane Set 42025 has manual spinning propellers to add to the overall design and function. With 1297 pieces, we think you will enjoy a fantastic build that is realistic and worthy of being placed on your top shelf. The Cargo plane can also be rebuilt for extra Lego building fulfillment. Take apart your Cargo Plane and recreate a Transport Hovercraft that will take you over ground and sea.

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