Best Lego Sets Under $50 – Building on a Budget

best cheap lego sets

Lego has been bringing to the masses a plethora of different themed Lego sets for decades. From Medieval castles to futuristic battle scenes, they have created the perfect set for everyone.

There are Lego collectors that have hundreds of different sets and beginning builders that have just received their very first Lego box to unwrap and build.

We have put together a list for you that will help pick out that very first Lego set or a set that will round out any collection and all of them are under $50! There is a little of everything on the list so let’s get started!

Best Cheap Lego Sets - Movie Franchise

449 Pieces

For everyone that loves Star Wars, this AT-ST Walker is a must have. This Galactic Empire ground force machine has 449 pieces and comes with three mini figures including Baze Malbus. With posable legs and a top section that is wheel activated, the AT-ST is a perfect addition to any Lego Star Wars collector.

It has a cockpit that opens to a detailed interior. You will have hours of play with the dual spring-loaded shooters and elevating guns. The AT-ST Walker set includes a blaster pistol, blaster rifle, and Baze’s heavy rifle. If you already have the AT-AT Walker, this is the perfect counterpart.

300 Pieces

If you are a fan of DC Comics and the Caped Crusader, the Batman Kryptonite Interceptor set is an excellent choice for your collection. This set comes with over 300 pieces and three mini-figures. The Batmobile incorporates large tires, doors that open and close, as well as two stud shooters to take down the enemy.

There is also a forklift in the set that has flick missiles, and for added fun, there is an exploding function that is spring loaded. The Batman Kryptonite Interceptor Set is perfect for battle play especially with the addition of Batman’s Batarang and the stud shooting bazooka. An extra feature to the set is the Batman comic book you will receive. Wayne Enterprises would be proud of this set!

Best Cheap Vehicle Sets

301 Pieces

With various City sets to choose from, this Best Lego Set Under $50 is a great choice. Although it only comes with two mini figures, including a captain and a business woman, the overall build is ideal for the younger Lego devotees. The Lego Ferry Set comes with 301 pieces for an easy build that won’t take you all weekend.

The Ferry has an operational gate that opens and closes and space for the car that’s included. On deck, you will see a space for the captain to drive the ferry and fire hydrants for added safety. The Ferry set comes with a few charming accessories like a phone and coffee mug. This is the perfect set if you have a city you are creating with a water feature. You are going to need a way to transport vehicles to port!

266 Pieces

Looking for a vehicle from the future? Something that is both ominous and fascinating? How about a Lego set that stirs your imagination? The Nexo Knights The 3 Brothers set is all the above! The fresh color combination is eye catching, and the overall design has some impressive features.

With 266 pieces and three mini-figures, the build is not involved and can be completed in a few hours for the younger Lego fans. This rolling monster vehicle with a giant face has chomping jaws that move when the vehicle is rolled along on its tires. There is a rear firing catapult, perfect for launching the included Gravellers into the air. The translucent blue lighting elements are very futuristic and the perfect addition to this futuristic war vehicle.

Axl’s axe and a chain mace, as well as two Gravellers and two shield holders, are included as well as two scannable shields. This is wonderful cheap Lego set to add to any Nexo Knights fans group of sets or for anyone that is looking for something a little different.

333 Pieces

Out of all the vehicle sets manufactured by Lego, this is the best Lego Set under $50. The detail is incredible, and the design of each piece has been carefully thought out. With the 333 included pieces, you can make the truck, the detachable trailer, and the dragster.

The vehicle has been designed with cylinder fuel tanks, traditional exhaust pipes and a well-designed front grill. The detachable trailer includes a lowering ramp and three axle design and has quite a large flatbed, based on an American Big Rig.

The Dragster itself is a great rendition of the classic drag car. With fat rear tires and a huge wing spoiler, this fast race car will accelerate down the ¼ mile with ease. You will be smiling with this lego car set when you add on the engine flame component and make the two mini figures the fastest pit team in Legoland.

Best Cheap Architecture Lego Set

468 Pieces

If building cityscapes is more your style, the Architecture Series from Lego has quite a few sets under $50. We could have picked any of them for this last coveted spot in our Best Lego Sets Under $50, but something about the London set just grabbed our attention.

Accurately representing some of London’s famous structures, this set contains The National Gallery, Nelsons Column, London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. With 468 pieces including transparent base plate tiles to resemble the River Thames, this Lego set is brimming with historically scaled structures.

Tower Bridge opens and closes to add to the overall feel of this amazing set. It also comes with a book that includes some history facts about each structure and a few attention-grabbing facts about London. The Architecture Series London Set is a great buy at under $50!

Whether you are an avid Lego Collector or simply enjoy building a set now and then, there are plenty of series and selections to choose from. Try any of our Best Lego Sets under $50, and you will enjoy building each set brick by brick.

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